About Me

Hey there: I'm Lela (pronounced l-EE-l-uh) and here are a few things about me, that I thought you'd like to know:

What powers my passion: My passion is to help people be the best possible version of themselves, holistically. My agility to adapt and innovate has been a key asset in navigating diverse situations and finding effective solutions. I aim to bring an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and out-of-the-box thinking to create meaningful content and learning experiences that allow people and organizations to succeed.

Unraveling the story behind my career voyage: Parenting a child with Autism has added to my passion for changing the way progress is made personally and professionally. I have had the honor of being my child's first trainer in the game of life. Finding ways to teach him the way he learns best and watching him succeed, propelled my interest in adult learners. After volunteering and continuing to fill the job needs of the local non-profit, I sought career advice that led to a lightbulb moment...đź’ˇInstructional Design is what I have done for 18+ years. I joined an academy to address gaps in my knowledge and skills, and continue to stay actively involved in the community by interacting with fellow professionals serves as a source of inspiration, propelling me forward.

Revealing my impact at the table: I advocate for the "underdog" and love to encourage people to their full potential.  I am also a lifelong learner and self-starter, who embraces curiosity, steps out of my comfort zone, and explores new things. Utilizing the LLAMA method, I craft engaging learning experiences to empower learners and foster meaningful development. Embracing the ADDIE method, I design instruction that is learner-centered, with the alignment of business goals and learning objectives, as a result of collaborating with SMEs and cross-functional teams to ensure the success of the business.

Virtual coffee in hand, here's the scoop on who I am: I am a wife and mother of 2 teens and a dog.  I love spending time with family and friends, volunteering, and relaxing on the beach.  Sweet tea, Tostito's Lime chips, and chocolate will melt me every time. Traveling is huge for my family and me, allowing us to explore new cultures, make new friends, and experience the beauty of diversity.

What high-level interactive learning content can I develop for you?

My Certificates

CertificateOfCompletion_Instructional Design Storyboarding.pdf
Articulate_Working with Storyline Blocks in Rise.pdf
Getting Started with Multimedia in Storyline.pdf
Typography Basics.pdf